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3M Vikuiti™ Display protection-foil ARMR200 10.2"

Artikelcode: TFT0106

3M Vikuiti™ Display protection-foil ARMR200 10.2

Display protection-foil ARMR200 10.2" - Stops marks. Stops scratches. Stops glare. Stops reflections. - TFT display devices are constantly prone to accidental scratching.ARMR200 film (anti-reflection matte removable) helps protect vulnerable screens whilst helping to reduce glare. Anti-Glare ! Anti-Dirt ! Anti-Scratches ! ARMR200 film is easy to apply and offers really tough protection. Simply peel away any damaged film and replace with fresh clean film in seconds. - Can be used on displays with and without touchscreen - Specially engineered hard coat for maximum protection - Anti-reflective coating – helps improve clarity and readability - Easy to clean – marks and fingerprints wipe away easily - Removable – non-tacky adhesive removes easily with no residue - Matte surface for less slippage when writing with a stylus - Ultra thin – ideal for screens requiring a stylus More Specifications : Transparency : Matt Antireflection : Duplex Scratching resistance : 2...3BH pencil Dirt resistance: Strongly Installation & Removal : Bubble-free installable and removeable without traces ;Dimensions : 222 x 133 mm Note : Foil can not be used with CTFPAD.

29.90  Euro 24.95