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Atlas = Papieren + Digitale Kaarten + App

Uitgebreide collectie nieuwste kaarten vele Blue Water vaargebieden

Article code: BWUK3

Atlas = Papieren + Digitale Kaarten + App

Format: Kombipack Papier / Digital download und App 
• Passage Charts 
• Coastal Charts
• Details
• Tides and Currents
- charts app code

These charts are based on official United Kingdom Hydrographic Office (UKHO) data. They include numerous 
harbourplans and details for approaches, passages and anchorages of the given area, extra details for rivers 
and channels, as well as notes and warnings for the given waters. Visitor berths and moorings are shown 
highlighted in colour. The clear structure makes finding harbour details or anchorages a matter of seconds. 
In this way mariners get quick access to all important navigational information. All information is also shown 
in the charts App. Tide- and current data are available in tables and charts in paper.
The cartography captivates through ideal scales and wellchosen sheet cuts. 

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