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Atlas England The Solent - Voorbeeld uit grote collectie

Digitale + Papieren kaarten + Gratis App voor tablets Androïd & Ipad - inclusief 21 % BTW

Artikelcode: BWUK3

Atlas England The Solent - Voorbeeld uit grote collectie

Artikel nummer: BWUK3
Atlas England The Solent
Format: Set consisting of: Paper Charts / Digital charts (download)  and App for Androïd & Ipad 

• Passage Charts
• Coastal Charts
• Details • Tides and Currents

The product has been derived in part from UKHO (or any other custodian) data. They include numerous harbourplans and details for approaches, passages and anchorages of the given area, extra details for rivers and channels, as well as notes and warnings for the given waters. Visitor berths and moorings are shown highlighted in colour. The clear structure makes finding harbour details or anchorages a matter of seconds. In this way mariners get quick access to all important navigational information. All information is also shown in the nv charts App. Tide- and current data are available in tables and charts in paper.
The cartography captivates through ideal scales and wellchosen sheet cuts. 

Passage Charts

C1 English Channel 1: 1.750.000 
C2 Portland Bill to Beachy Head 1: 350.000 
Coastal Charts

C3 Anvil Pt. to Selsey Bill 1: 150.000 
C4 Western Approach of the Solent 1: 75.000 
C5 Eastern Approach of the Solent 1: 75.000 
C6 The Needles 1: 30.000 
C7 The Solent · Western Part 1: 30.000 
C8 The Solent · Middle Part 1: 30.000 
C9 Southampton Water 1: 30.000 
C10 The Solent · Eastern Part 1: 30.000 

C11 Portsmouth Harbour 1: 20.000 
C12A Langstone Harbour 1: 20.000 
C12B Chichester Harbour Approach 1: 20.000 
C13 Chichester Harbour 1: 20.000 
C14A Keyhaven 1: 8.000 
C14B Lymington 1: 12.000 
C14C Yarmouth 1: 6.000 
C15A Newtown River 1: 12.000 
C15B/C River Medina 1: 12.000 
C16A/B Beaulieu River 1: 12.000 
C17A/B River Hamble 1: 8.000 
C18 River Itchen 1: 10.000 
C19A Cowes 1: 6.000 
C19B Gosport 1: 8.000 
C20A Wootton Creek 1: 10.000 
C20B Ryde 1: 6.000 
C20C Port Solent 1: 8.000 
C20D Bembridge Harbour 1: 10.000 
C20E Southsea Marina 1: 10.000 
C21A Northney Marina 1: 8.000 
C21B Sparkes Marina 1: 8.000 
C21C Chichester Marina 1: 8.000 
Legend · General Notes C22 
Tidal Stream Charts C23 
Tide Tables · Tidal Stream Tables C24

Euro 54.50