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B-Bit 7 inch IP40 Touchscreen 500 nits - 8-36 Volt

Dual Touch - groen = slechts 4 Watt stroomverbruik! ACTIEPRIJS

Artikelcode: 13L15-22

B-Bit 7 inch IP40 Touchscreen 500 nits - 8-36 Volt


IP-Schutzklasse        IP40
Bildschirmdiagonale (Inch/cm)        7/17.78
Aktiver Bereich Display (cm)        15.36×9.00
Seitenverhältnis        16:9
Physikalische Auflösung        1024×600
Maximale Auflösung        1920×1080
Angezeigte Farben        262K
Helligkeit (cd/m²)        500
Kontrast        700:1
Typische Reaktionszeit Tr/ Tf (ms)        10/15
Betrachtungswinkel horizontal/vertikal (°)        150/145
Hintergrundbeleuchtung / Lebenszeit Hintergrundbeleuchtung (Stunden)        LED / 20,000

Touch Panel
Touch Technologie        resistiv 4-Draht
Touch Panel-Treiber        Windows; Linux; Mac; Android
Lebenszeit Touch-Panel        1 Million Berührungspunkte ohne Fehler in einem Bereich
Oberflächenhärte        3H
Oberflächenbehandlung        Entspiegelt

Betriebstemperatur (°C)        -25 ~ +75
Luftfeuchtigkeitsbereich (RH)        10% - 90%
Netto-Gewicht (kg)        0.60
Brutto-Gewicht (kg)        1.80 (inkl. Kartonage)
Gehäusematerial        ABS-Kunststoff-Gehäuse
Gehäuse (cm) L × B × H        17.90 × 12.30 × 3.20
Befestigung (Rückseite)        VESA 75

Betriebsanzeige        Grüne LED
Energieversorgung        100-240V ACDC active switching; 12V DC-Out
Betriebsspannung (V)        8~36
Stromverbrauch (W)        7
Stand-By Stromverbrauch (W)        <1
Externe Anschlüsse

1x HDMI 1.3 (inkl. HDCP)
1x VGA
1x Video1
1x Video2_Backview
1x Backview-Detect
1x YpbPr
Audio        1x VGA-Audio
1x Video-Audio
1x Earphone-Out
Touch-Anschluss        1x USB
1x Serial
Anschlusse        1x 8~36V DC-IN
1x USB (auf Vorderseite)

Im Lieferumfang
Netzteil (siehe Stromverbrauch) 
Treiber DVD
Standard VGA-, USB-(für)Touch-Kabel
Auto Adapter
AV Molex 2.5 Anschluss
faytech FTV75PSF Stand

Beeldscherm model
7" UN
B-Bit Artikel / article / name: 
GU07UN / 7" Touchscreen Monitor
Schermbehuizing (cm):
17.90 x 12.30 x 2.80
IP-protection class / UV coated
Schermdiagonaal (inch/cm): 
Laat het actieve scherm formaat:
15.40 x 8.59
reflectie type (glare / anti glare)
Anti Glare
Bruto Gewicht (incl. Verpakking, kg):
buitenverpakking dimensie (per stuk verpakt), (cm)

Netto scherm gewicht (kg):
Beeldscherm ratio:
Fysieke resolutie:
Maximaal toonbare resolutie:
Aantal toonbare kleuren:
Helderheid (cd/m2):
Typische reactietijd (Tr/Tf (ms):
10; 15
Kijkhoek horizontaal, vertikaal (°):
Backlight / Backlight Lifetime (hours):
LED / 20,000
Voltage (V):
Verbruik (W)
Stand-by verbruik (W):
Bedrijfstemperatuur (°C):
Relatieve vochtigheid

4-wire resistive
5-wire resistive

SAW (Surface Acoustic Wave)

IR (infrarood Touch) / Dual Touch

Serial Touch ingang
Windows, Linux, Mac
Levensduur touch scherm (Aanrakingen):

1 miljoen x Touch op dezelfde plaats
35 miljoen x Touch op 1 plaats

50 miljoen x Touch op 1 plaats

Reaktietijd (ms):
Oppervlakte hardheid:
Druksterkte (g) anti-vandalisme:
Ingangen, video-in:
2xVideo(1xback cam view), 1xS-Video, 1xVGA, 1xHDMI 1.1 (incl. HDCP)
Ingangen, audio:

Ingangen, VGA-Audio-in
Ingangen, Video-Audio-In
Ingangen, HDMI-Audio-In
HDMI  1.1 (incl. HDCP)
Ingangen, Oortelefoon-uit
Ingangen, USB-Touch
Ingangen, Serial Touch
Ingangen, USB-Poorty / DC-In
● / 8-36V DC-IN

mounting rail, additional VESA-75 on the back
VESA-75 on the back

VESA-100 on the back + Vesa 400

picture flippable

alle 4 richtingen via front knop & remote control
4 richtingen via remote control

via software (als OS dit ondersteunt)
Overige eigenschappen:

OSD-Menu met verregelbare front knoppen
2x 1W
auto helderheid functie:

inbegrepen in levering:


Vesa 75 voet
montage rail
standaard voet

solid metal stand feet, connected to VESA-100

Voeding: in 100-240 V AC/DC - uit: 12V DC 

VGA met PC-Audio-in
All-in-One (2x Video, 1x S-Video, 1x Stereo-Audio)
All-in-One UN (voeding, VGA, Video-In, Audio, USB-Touch)
All-in-One TPC (voeding, 2x USB, 1 x netwerk

Standaard VGA

IP-65 standaard PC kabel


auto stroomadapter
CD met drivers
Installatie handleiding

B-Bit’s new 7-12" Touchscreen Monitor Series sets new standards: VGA or HDMI port, three video inputs, extended current input (8-36V), extra robust components, exclusive design, mountable, Backlight LED, no pixel faults, high-quality pedestal, extended temperature range and suitable for 24/7-operation are just some of the features that these monitors fulfill.

Accordingly, the Touch Monitors can be used in a broad scope of applications: to use with a HTPC, as surveillance monitor, TV monitor, in the industrial area, in kiosk systems, as cash monitor or information terminals, for machine control, home automation, on farm machinery, forklifts, wind turbines and telematics (in particular transport telematics) and in many other areas and .... of course: particularly suitable boats - leisure or professionel - inshore or worldcruise ! B-Bit’s IP65 series provides features that predestine the series for demanding industrial and outdoor applications. Completely dust and water protection acc. IP65 protection class and a robust, sealed aluminum enclosure characterize B-Bit’s IP65 Touchscreen Monitor series

Experience a new working environment with B-Bit’s Touchscreen Display. Besides the mouse, you now possess a further control level-your finger. Work faster and more effectively with B-Bit’s Touchscreen Display.

The integrated touch panel is robust and accurate. Using the included software for gesture control, you can individually program your PC and completely control it with your hand or the included pen (with cord). The touch function is easily established via the USB port of your PC, for industrial users important, the touch screens have also a serial port for touch connection. Touchscreen drivers included for all popular Microsoft (CE, WinXP, Vista, Windows 7 Windows 8), Mac and Linux operating systems.

The high resolution support (e.g. 1080p, 1920x1200 pixels) of these B-Bit touchscreens make it suitable for a wide variety of applications.

Based on B-Bit’s 7" to 12" Touchscreen Monitor technology platform, B-Bit’s IP65 series provides features that predestine the series for demanding industrial and outdoor applications.

Increased brightness (all touch-screens have at least 400 Nits up to 1000+ nits brightness), completely dust and water protection acc. IP65 protection class and a robust, sealed aluminum enclosure characterize B-Bit’s IP65 Touchscreen Monitor series.

For projects (minimum 50 pcs), the following individualizations are further available:
• free to specify All-In-One Cable: VGA, HDMI, Video, DVI, S-video, audio, power supply, voltage range, USB or serial port touch
• further increased brightness (up to 1000Nits) and extended service life (MTBF)
• color, logos, housing and fixing points specifiable
• rail and / or VESA-75/VESA-100 options on the back of the housing

229.00  Euro 199.95


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