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Cruising Guide to Southeast Asia Volume I

The South China Sea, Philippines, Gulf of Thailand to Singapore

Artikelcode: S003293

Cruising Guide to Southeast Asia Volume I

Artikelnr.: S003293

Cruising Guide to Southeast Asia Volume I: The South China Sea, Philippines, Gulf of Thailand to Singapore 
The South China Sea, Philippines, Gulf of Thailand to Singapore 
Davies and Morgan 

This first volume of Cruising Guide to Southeast Asia provides sailing directions supported by detailed charts and harbour plans for the essential harbours and anchorages. There is a substantial introductory section that provides important background information on the countries, culture, politics, navigation and equipment. Climate and weather are discussed at length and there is a valuable section on tropical storms and typhoons. Companion purchases: Cruising Guide to Southeast Asia Volume Two. The guide provides coverage for Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, the Malacca Strait and Western Thailand to Phuket. Contents: Foreword; 1. Introduction; 2. Planning guide: Routes; Weather; Seas, currents and tides; Environment; Yacht equipment and seamanship; Navigation; Telecommunications; Health; Food and drink; 3. Cruising guide: South China, Hong Kong and Macau, The Philippines; Malaysia; Brunei; Singapore; East Thailand; Cambodia and Vietnam; Appendices 

1 week
€ 37,50 

Euro 37.50


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