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DSG1040-TUE - VGA/DVI 10.4" TFT - 1024x768

Artikelcode: TFT0005

DSG1040-TUE - VGA/DVI 10.4

Touchscreen USB - Video - Autodimmer - Audio [1024x768, Contrast 1200:1] -TRANSFLECTIVE- *new* 
(not in stock until 28.10.2011) 

- DVI + D-SUB-15 
- Audio speakers ! 
- 1024x768 ! 
- Auto-Dimmer ! 
- New ! With digital DVI input ! 
- New ! With special sunlight readable transflective TFT and high contrast (1200:1) and Anti-Glare surface ! 

Using transflective panels and Anti-Glare touchscreens enables readability even under direct sunlight
For the first time with midrange-models, TFT panels with transflective technology are used. 
An anti-reflexion-coating additionally minimizes reflections on the surface. 
Transflective TFTs combine the advantages of reflexiv and transmissive display systems. The incoming light, which is making the surface of other display types to be unreadable, is reflected by the rear side of the panel.
Because of this passive relexion the image is winning on brilliance. 
During dark light conditions the readability is still ensured by a transmissive backlight. 
The new DSG-1040-SXD TFT-Display is equipped with a 10.4" TFT panel and comes with many nice features.

In any case it is the ideal display- and input-unit for your Laptop, Boat- or CarPC or HTPC. 
Because of the 4:3 aspect ratio and the size of 10.4", the display is perfectly suitable for beeing used in POS-section or on boats. 

With the touchscreen functionality you easily can control your PC. 
The briliant VGA-display ensures a maximum readability and sharpness. 
The device has among other features integrated Stereo-speakers and an rear camera input and the Auto dimmer sensor in the front will enable perfect viewing pleasure also during the night. 
On the rear side there is integrated an holder for the touchscreen pencil. 
AC-Adapter for home usage and a car cigarette lighter adapter is included as well as the IR-remote-control unit and the extra long (2,5 meters) All-In-One connector cable. 

The DSG-1040-SXD can be used with any PC/MAC with VGA- (or DVI-) and USB port. 
Driver-CD included. 
Compatible with : - Windows 95/98/ME/NT4/2000/XP - XP Tablet PC Edition - Windows CE 2.12, 3.0, .net - Linux RedHat,Mandrake,.. - Macintosh OS 9.x, 10.x - DOS,..

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