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DSG846-ML - VGA 8.0" (4:3) TFT

Artikelcode: TFT0025

DSG846-ML - VGA 8.0

Touchscreen USB - Video - OPEN-FRAME (600 nits, LED backlight). - New : LED-Backlight-Technology, with optimized color saturation enabling particular high and shining display. The scale of displayable color nuances is increased by 45% because of the new technology. Conventional LCDs are based on CCFL backlight, which can display approx. 72% of the standard color scale of NTSC (National Television Systems Committee). With LED-Backlight-Technology 104% of the NTSC-color scale can be displayed. This results in displaying in a highly realistic manner. With the new Open-Frame TFT display-series from CarTFT you get back control : The ruggedized metal frame enables you a stable installation. The single modules (Mainboard, Touchscreen controller, Power inverter and button-frame) can be screwed off from the rear side and beeing positionated elsewhere. This way you can install the connector cables more easier and the display thickness shrinks also. Note : This Open-Frame TFT display is an offer primarily meant for business and project customers. End consumers should only handle with unprotected electronic parts with appropriate experience. Possible additional options (starting from a MOQ of 20 units): - Speakers - Different cable lengths - Other display models/sizes - Touchscreen RS232 instead of USB - Other connector types - [...] Ask us ! Additional informations : With the touchscreen functionality you easily can control your PC. The briliant VGA-display ensures a maximum readability and sharpness. AC-Adapter for home usage and a car cigarette lighter adapter are included. The CTF-800ML can be used with any PC/MAC with VGA- and USB port. Driver-CD included, compatible with : - Windows 95/98/ME/NT4/2000/XP - XP Tablet PC Edition - Windows CE 2.12, 3.0, .net - Linux RedHat,Mandrake,.. - Macintosh OS 9.x, 10.x - DOS,..

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