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Superwind 350

Superwind windgenerator 350

Leverbaar in 12 en 24 Volt uitvoering

Artikelcode: Superwind-350

Superwind windgenerator 350


In the Off-Grid Power Generation World, especially when it comes to micro wind turbines, the name Superwind is synonymous with survival. Of course the reason, most professionals will use only this commercial/professional rated equipment, is they likely have had to use something else in the past, and it didn’t work very long. And, for those same professionals, “survival” isn’t enough – it has to make reliable power. Superwind turbines do both.

Over-speed is one of the most well-known turbine terminating factors. When a low quality turbine is launched over-speed by high winds, it rapidly starts shaking its mast or rigging, it heats up and wears out its bearings, it overpowers its stator and is forced to either absorb the energy as heat, or discharge high amperage into the charge controllers and/or overcharge fragile but expensive battery banks. Basically in wind turbine terms “over-speed” means repeated steps of escalating damage until the ultimate failure of some, or all, of the equipment is reached.

Superwind Turbines avoid over-speed operation through their patented and real world proven auto-feathering blade system. This is not new to us. We have been proving the worth of this advanced robust technology for over a decade. How it works is one of the best questions our customers ask: As the force of the wind moves the turbine into rated power speeds (about 25 knots), at this point the blades automatically change their pitch into an angle to reduce their aerodynamic lift, in real time. This means the blades’ ‘feathering action’ occurs in micro-moments, and the blades automatically recover to their normal position as the wind force lessens. The blades can actually pitch up to 40 degrees! The technology that allows this simple operation is quite remarkable, yet is robust enough to operate for a decade or more – even in Arctic and desert conditions.

Euro 2130.00